Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's really scary how much people want to believe in Sega. Just a few days ago, SegaNerds reported that Dreamcast.com was updated and giving away e-mail addresses to folks who sent in their Dreamcast registration numbers. Sounds fishy, I know, but surprisingly, a lot of people went for it - hook line and sinker. While it's probably just someone trying to stir the Sega folks up or at worst, about to unleash even more spam to the world, I'm a bit shocked at how many people were willing to ignore rational thought in the hope that Sega would be somehow reviving or trying to revive their dead console.

To this day, people claim the Dreamcast is not dead. I still have my Dreamcast and I've enjoyed it, but one Japanese homebrew shooter every couple of months does not a "living" console make.

A few months, Sega renewed their trademark for the word "Dreamcast" and people were getting really excited. Does this mean there's a Dreamcast 2? Is Sega planning another console? The Dreamcast is coming back? Sorry, but the answer has always been, "No." They just want to keep ownership of words they've spent a lot of money on, so that some other company can't call something a Dreamcast and gain instant recognition.

Even longer ago, Shenmue.com had something similar happen as to what did to Dreamcast.com. It turned out it was a fan that had copied the original Shenmue site, purchased the domain before Sega could, and brought the Passport back online. Is this necessarily a bad thing? I guess not, but people tripped out until, once again, they realized it was just another anonymous person, not Sega, that was behind it all.

What have we learned? Sega fans are borderline delusional? Probably, but I'll stick with this: If it's too good to be true, it is.

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