Friday, February 29, 2008

Daytona USA: Secrets of Success

Daytona USA was special for a lot of reasons and as a result, became the highest-grossing arcade game of all time. No small feat, indeed, but what was the secret ingredient that made Daytona so successful? Some argue it was the then-stellar Model 2 graphics and the unique soundtrack. Others point to the game's physics and handling, as cars slid around corners and sped past the scenery. Myself? Maybe it was just the all-around polish that the game was given, with the classic Sega flair thrown in for good measure.

Let's take a look:
Hop on the Intermediate track (later known as "Dinosaur Canyon"), spin your car around and drive up the road to find this wonderful message. Way to impress those sponsors with your reasoning skills.
As if racing by a huge canyon with a fossilized dinosaur wasn't enough, apparently land in Tucson can be used to raise the critters.The wonderful horses from the Expert track have entertained many people by giving them something to aim their cars at. If you can't win the race, at least you can say, "I hit a bunch of horses." Or, more appropriately, "I almost hit one of the horses."It's a guest appearance from Virtua Fighter's own Jeffrey McWild, apparently taking enough time off from letting the devil sharks of the world kick his ass in order to have a statue made.
Mash the start button around him about 15 times, and he'll do a handstand. "I win."Why all of these crazy game names in the sound test? If you place in the top ranks and enter the game's initials, you'll hear their corresponding music.Some things go hand in hand - like recycling and 40 cars dirtying the air while guzzling fossil fuels.This seagull flies nearby in the Expert course. While not too exciting itself, if you jam on the start button before starting the can grow to bizarrely large sizes.Every great painter signs their work somewhere. Daytona USA is no exception.Remember the days when it wasn't an embarrassment to have Sonic in a game?
After a long day of fighting, shooting baddies, or racing, this is where the Virtua kids like to hang out. Cheap meals, too.
Subliminal messages? Couldn't be. The entire thing reads. "You can't be satisfied without Model 2." I think at last we've found the secret to Daytona USA's success.

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