Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Virtua Fighter Training Pack

Sega's 32X didn't exactly have a lot going for it. Soon after being released, the system was dropped, not only in price, but by Sega altogether in favor of the Saturn.

That's not to say the 32X didn't have its moments, though. Virtua Fighter made its way to the system in pretty good form. While there's no way it could be called arcade perfect, or even Saturn-quality, it did prove that the clunker sitting on top of the Genesis had at least a little bit of power.

To help promote the game, Sega released a special "Virtua Fighter Training Pack." Inside was a cheesy video (all of about 9 minutes) with a voiceover explaining how to do moves that were already in the instruction manual, an XL t-shirt sporting the VF crew in front of a 32X logo, and most importantly, a $20 rebate for the 32X version of Virtua Fighter (which after buying this pack, meant you only actually saved $10).

Regardless, I ended up the proud owner of, not one, but a couple of these packs. The proofs of purchases and videos are long gone, but I'm sad to say that thirteen years later, I still see my brother sporting a VF t-shirt every now and then.

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